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What does a typical assessment look like?

A typical assessment will look different based on the referral question. All assessments will include an initial interview, a few tests completed in person, a few self-evaluations completed on your own, and a feedback session. You will also have a 1 page summary of results and a 10-15 page report to utilize as needed.

What do campus partnerships look like?

We are happy to pair with counseling or disability services on university campuses. This allows us to work closely with the referring party and provide needed services to their students.

How long does the average assessment take?

Depending on the referral question and background history, assessments can take between 6 and 15 hours in person.

Are there any risks when doing an assessment?

Most individuals do not experience any adverse effects when completing testing. However, testing can take intense concentration that can induce headaches. Additionally, symptoms may increase due to stress. If this occurs, please let the assessor know, and they can either stop or give referrals as needed.